Time Pressure – How we can avoid a global collapse?
We are living in historic times. Since the early 19 th century, life in the West has been dominated by a system that, due to globalization, went on to define life for all of humankind.
Now that system is running towards a collapse. We are out of time; our window of opportunity to act is closing.
As a result of the last decades, our globalized, capitalist world model has undermined its own existence not just from the environmental but from a social perspective as well. Armed with extensive research, colorful stories from all around the globe, and pop-cultural references, Time Pressure examines five global trends that might cause a global civilizational collapse: population boom, climate catastrophe, rising inequalities, fourth industrial revolution and the breakdown of the world order. While these changes are monumental on their own, the greatest risk comes from their intricate interplay. Thus, the current challenge is unprecedented in our global history: never before have we had to adapt so quickly, so internationally, and so deeply. Time Pressure not only presents the solutions to this global situation but also provides practical recommendations for our everyday lives.